Money Saving ‘Dry Run’



How many parents allow their bright teenagers to apply to their dream colleges before they know how much it will cost? Kind of like the chicken and egg riddle, isn’t it?

In other words, would you enter into an agreement to purchase a home before asking the price? How about rising college costs? Are you concerned about those? Then what are you waiting for?

Ask us about our money saving, ‘heart attack prevention’ program called the “Dry Run”. The average family saves over $18,000 by doing this eye-opening exercise. The above average family…more.

You will know now, what most parents do not know until April of the senior year. In fact, many parents will never know how much money they could have saved unless they took advantage of going through a money saving “Dry Run” with us! Will you? For more information on how financial aid works, as well as learn how to pay for college from cash flow alone, without borrowing a nickle, click here.

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Chickens looking at egg

By the way . . . the egg  came first!