A Message for All Seasons

June, 2016:  As we move toward summer and further away from another holiday season, life on this beautiful planet continues to head in bizarre, albeit predictable directions by those of us who are paying attention. Each year we wish each other “Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year”.  But as we reflect on the current economic situation and some of its causes, coupled with the preemptive wars based on blatant lies over the last 15 years, can they?

spiritual earthYes, of course they can! However, it will call for a paradigm shift in how we think. Indeed, assuming we take the time to think at all! It begins with a heightened awareness of our unifying, yet individual spirituality. I believe we must first set aside our different religious beliefs, cultural and economic origins. If this is new or not to you, I recommend a book by Sanaya Roman aptly titled Spiritual Growth. The wisdom expressed in it has opened up thousands of hearts and minds to wonderful ways to bring about positive change on this incredible living planet we call Earth.

the thinker This “new” way of thinking may very well result in each of us examining the news that reporters read to us with a critical eye. That is a good thing. After all, each of us has the innate ability to identify what is true and what is illusion using reason, discernment and soul based intuition. But we need a technique to “clear the air” from inane mindless media diversions and ‘reality’ TV shows in order to do so. I believe, for instance, that the Heglian inspired pattern (aka Problem~Reaction~Solution) of discord and armed conflicts throughout history, brought about by manufactured religious, cultural and political differences connected to “false flag” events can be curtailed. But only if we all use our God given ability to stand back, think thoughtfully and critically for ourselves, by ourselves.

u of vermont sitting in class with professorOur most competitive Liberal Arts colleges have long expressed that it is not their purpose to “train” students for a specific career. Their mission, instead, is to prepare them for a myriad of careers or graduate school by means of a deep liberal arts and sciences curriculum. Through this pedagogic effort students will presumably learn how to gather accurate information, think critically, make sound judgments and comport themselves using reason, ethics and, hopefully, common sense.  Both expository and creative writing are championed as well as oral discussion and debate. That, they espouse, will prepare them to enter society and accomplish anything their hearts desire. And in so doing, contribute to the ‘family of Man’ in their own unique way using the natural talents with which they were born. Hopefully, they will continue to learn because the most important lessons come after graduation.

If that were true, then why is the world in a state of perpetual conflict? Two time Medal of Honor recipient, Major General Smedley Butler, USMC, did a masterful job of answering that question in his book War is A Racket. Do you know why we have  destroyed Iraq , Afghanistan and Libya?  Not to mention the Iraq-like lies to attack SyriaIrandestabilize UkraineVenezuela and Yemen. Did the mass homicide that was perpetrated on our soil in late summer of 2001 put us on this insane genocidal road of human destruction? The answer is yes. But the real question is “Why?” The primary answer to that question is the fact that “All Wars are Bankers Wars”. Besides watching that well researched analysis one has to think critically and set aside any preconceived beliefs you now hold!

I hope we all continue to strive to look within ourselves to find a path that will lead each of us to a heightened spiritual awareness. It is by this process that we will awaken and illuminate  the real truths. One truth I have learned is that “fear” is the most effective weapon the puppet masters have, not so called ‘weapons of mass destruction’. Interestingly enough, it was none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt who said, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.”  I now know what he meant, do you?

Warm best wishes for optimal health, Love and happiness in 2016 and beyond,