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Programsnew picture of eric for Education (PFE) is a comprehensive college-planning firm that has teamed up with carefully selected advisors in the United States for the purpose of providing substantive academic and admissions counseling support to bright college bound high school students throughout North America. Since 1992 PFE & Associates have  applied their collective skills toward helping thousands of families meet college academic and financial goals without going into long term debt.

PFE takes a holistic family-oriented approach to the college selection process for students who aspire to gain admission to the more competitive colleges in North America. Every family is invited to a free 75 minute “get acquainted” meeting in one of their offices or via a convenient conference call. Once engaged, they will provide the guidance and support desired. Services can include pre-college academic preparation, insightful self assessments, college selection, essay coaching (not writing), recommendation and interview strategies as well as review of all college applications prior to submission.

The college planning timeline in each student’s personal ‘College Handbook’ guides student and parents through a pragmatic twenty step program. When followed, the student is empowered to select a college or university that is realistic and meets the academic, cultural, social and financial parameters of the family.

Eric Goodhart, PFE Director, majored and minored in business and psychology, respectively at  The George Washington University. He participates in the College Board’s™ admissions and financial aid workshops for college admissions and financial aid administrators. This association with those professionals can help you and your advisor get an early assessment as to how both admissions and the financial aid offices may evaluate the applicant as well as the parents. This includes an eye-opening insight into both the admission and financial aid methodologies practiced by the most competitive private and public colleges.