You may have seen or heard about how the number of applications have spiked at so-called prestigious colleges. That triggers fear among many students. Fear is an often-used emotion to control the actions of people as to what to do (or not do) going forward. Some observers of the college application scene say it is actually easier to get into colleges (even the more competitive ones) than in previous years.

They say that many students do not realize that getting into a good college today is a lot easier, and will become even more so in the coming years. That is according to the Hechinger Report. They say it is important to correct this mindset because it is one of the reasons why students do not bother to apply to more competitive colleges and settle for lower quality schools, when they could have actually been accepted to much better institutions.

Actually, that is not the case with the students (and their parents) that we have been guiding over the last 25 years. They are very much applying to the most competitive colleges. When their college list begins to take shape, they are often doing it the wrong way…from the top down, rather than the bottom up.

If you want to attend college, first think about what is college for? Though it may become easier to get accepted to college, the same due diligence in finding the college best qualified to help a student reach his or her goals. Therefore, even though many colleges and universities may not be that selective, don’t forget the steps mentioned above.

Yes, it will even be easier to get into college in the coming years as there will less high school graduates until 2023. And because there will be fewer high school graduates, colleges and universities will be fighting over these graduates and parents and families might get to finally have the negotiating power. That’s because these institutions compete with each other when it comes to the record number of applicants.

The National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s Shapiro said that there’s actually going to be more colleges looking for students, so getting into is not something students should be worried about. What they should be worried about is how they are going to pay for it.

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