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What! Me Worry?

Sunday, August 2nd, 2015

Dear Class of 2019,

One of the most popular humor magazines when I was in high school was MAD magazine. Are you familiar with it? Staring out on each issue’s cover was the silly looking young man above. He was Alfred E. Neuman with his perpetual gaped tooth grin and his now universally known exclamation “What! Me worry?” It was a timeless teenage sentiment. Can you identify with that? If you have just completed your sophomore year, congratulations, you are now a high school junior ~ the largest; most competitive college bound class in American history! Do not worry.

But do pay attention. You may now be in the same place I was “way back when”. Perhaps you are fifteen or sixteen years old with vague college aspirations? You may not have any specific reason to go to college other than “it is the expected thing to do, and/or everyone else is doing it.” Well, not everyone is planning on college and some of your classmates will probably not go to college. That is, not a four year liberal arts college. They may want to get technical training education or some sort of certification, however.