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Brand Name Paralysis

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

bromwich_1-081414_jpg_600x636_q85 If you were to ask a random group of kids “Name three competitive colleges.” Most would reel off Harvard, Yale and Princeton without any hesitation. In fact ‘HYP’ has practically become an acronym for any “brand name” college. It is at this time of year that the mail box gets the most attention. Especially if the college bound senior has applied to the most competitive colleges in the country.

With all the attention given to magazine rankings, colleges that are on the top of the list are often the only ones bright high school students think of when developing his or her initial list. I smile inwardly when I realize (after a few minutes of conversation) that a family has what I call “Brand Name Paralysis” or BNP.

It is a neurological disorder, but not a serious one. However, not treated, it could result in unnecessary stress, abdominal pain and a depleted investment account. Of course, I am joking…kind of.  Treatment is painless but does call for the patient to have an open mind and a modest ability to think “outside the box”. Review our college planning timeline to understand how we do this.

In our offices we have large maps showing the colleges in all 50 states and Canada. We have placed pins into the colleges so that families can see where other students we have guided have Grove City Greenmatriculated. It is great fun to place a pin on a college name that a student (or parent) has never heard of prior to meeting with us. Two such examples would be the college to the right and in the upper left of this page. Can you tell me the names of those colleges?

One is in Pennsylvania and the other is in California. In both instances students have received wonderful educations without any debt, yes ZERO! But there is more to it, much more. All of which we can cover in a complimentary “get acquainted” consultation. We look forward to sharing more with you.  Call (978) 820-1295.