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Do Admissions Interviews Matter?

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

One of the most common questions from students is “How important is an admissions interview?”  The common response for this and many other questions is, “It depends”.

That is, which colleges on your list recommend or require interviews. If so, are they informational (most say they are) or evaluative? What time of year of year are they offered?

All those questions can be quickly answered when the student does his due diligence at each college web site using the AAA method. That issue I addressed in detail in the past as well here.

But for another look at this topic, the New York Times is always a good source for up to date views on this and other topics. Be sure to read the comments too. Several are from alumni interviewers at the most competitive colleges. Here are some important points and helpful tips to prepare for an interview by a seasoned college interviewer. In short, ask the right questions during the interview.

The interview can be before the application deadline or after. If it is required, the interview is obviously an important part of your application. If you are a client of ours with interviews in the future, be sure to contact us. We can do some practice together.

Some colleges require that you request an interview. By the way, if you are not yet a senior, most colleges will not be interviewing you unless you have traveled from a great distance to visit the college. Check with your regional admissions counselor for each college. Most of the elite colleges may simply contact you after your applications is submitted. These are generally conducted by local alumni of that college and are limited. Sometimes, depending on where you live, there may not be an opportunity for an alumni interview. In such instances, the schools may strive to offer you a telephone interview. If that’s not possible, then you will not be penalized for not having an interview. It is the effort you put forth that counts, so don’t worry.