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Test Prep Options

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

It seems like yesterday that I was sweating over the impending SAT test in high school. The memory stays with me because I work with bright-eyed high school kids every day.  I feel their pain.

In late winter and early spring  juniors with college aspirations are intent on preparing for the most important tests in the college planning process. The last half of the junior year is replete with tests; the SAT is not the only one.

SAT II Subject Tests, the ACT test, Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate tests may also be on a high school junior’s calendar, not to mention mid-terms, ‘POP’ quizzes (my favorite) and final exams.

To make it more confusing, the College Board last year changed its’ policy as to SAT score reporting. Even with that new change, there will still be many competitive colleges that will want to receive ALL the test scores a student took, not just a self-selected few. (Check each college’s website using the AAA method to find out their policies.)

By the way, here is a comparison of the new SAT and ACT tests.  Some students may do better in the ACT if they have an overall higher GPA in all five core academic subjects. In addition, many colleges will except strong ACT composite scores in lieu of SAT II Subject tests.

Reflecting upon my high schools years, Princeton was just the name of a University, not of a test prep organization. Today there are so many test prep companies, test prep tutors, books, and websites that one can be overwhelmed by the choices.

The question is which one, if any, should you invest your time and money? But the question is not “IF” anymore because high test scores not only enhance admission chances, but could result in thousands of dollars in merit scholarships from some very good colleges.

That used to the big question until I found this one.  Ironically, it was created by two Princeton University graduates, Eric Barnes and Karl Schellscheidt. They have done a brilliant job in putting together a fun easy to follow method to prepare for not just the SAT, but the ACT and the Math II Subject test.

Here is a summary of their philosophy on Standardized Test Preparation. It will reveal some of the reasons why students are getting 200 to 300 higher scores on their SAT after prepping with

If you would like to take advantage of one or more of EPrep’s programs give us a call and ask about the special discounts (up to 25%) we offer.

If you have a junior or sophomore, call today! Time is on your side today and could mean literally thousands of dollars of toward college tuition costs tomorrow.