Editor’s Note

Chronicle of Higher Education Journalist, Eric Hoover, writes about something we have been sharing with our students for several years now.  Mr. Hoover hits on all the important points very well.welcome sign

Regardless of where your student applies the bottom line cost of college is of great importance, particularly in an uncertain economy. The increased number of applicants to state supported schools make even those “safeties” an uncertain option from an admissions perspective.

But there are still very good private colleges that offer non-need Merit Scholarships that are often not considered by bright, ambitious students. Too often they have constructed their college lists from the top down with “brand-name” colleges.

Though it is true that Harvard and Princeton have extraordinarly generous aid policies, a parent’s AGI needs to be less than $180,000 to qualify for significant need-based grants with one child in college. As we all know, however, the challenge is to be admitted in the first place.

In any case, our money saving Dry Run can give you an early look at the myriad of possibilities still available for both the student and parents.

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